DJ's is a family run business with music at it's core.  To be able to share music with everyone and to provide the opportunity to get involved in singing, performing and generally just having fun with music is our goal.

PERSONAL BIO: (Nigel) I have been singing and performing since childhood here in the UK and also in the USA. I have a trained & extensive background in all realms of music & singing, from church & theatre, to rock, blues and general popular music.  I perform  as a guitarist and vocalist in two duo's and as a back up & lead vocalist with two local bands.  As a trained vocalist & musician, singing is my passion and something which I would like everyone to get involved in.

Whether you are a seasoned professional singer or simply a shower singer with dreams of stardom, singing in public gives you confidence and is just plain good for the soul. DJ's encourages all abilities & disabilities to get up and have a sing, whether solo, duet or in groups. This is why we have started this business; to share with you the love we have for music and for you to have a great time!